Kayla Hyuna Shin – April 2014


Name: Kayla Hyuna Shin
Age: 31
Location: Flushing, NY
Occupation: Fish mongerette, ice cream connoisseur, and student

Kayla Shin hopes to one day move to a more temperate climate, which makes sense since she’s consistently exposed to cold in all of her endeavors! May it be when she’s creating her homemade ice cream, selecting fish from the ice at the fish market where she works, or commuting through this winter’s treacherous snowy weather to get to school, she’s the poster child for being cool!

This young lady professionally multitasks between concocting and selling frozen treats and working her extraordinary “regular” job as a fishmonger. How on earth does a sweet-treat aficionado get mixed up in, well, fish?

“I still remember how my future boss, Charlie, came into my aunt’s fruit store, where I was working at the time. He came in to buy a peanut chew, and he was carrying a golf club. I got pretty freaked out because he stayed and then just started swinging his club inside her store. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m from next door.” Long story short, we developed a friendship very quickly and a few months later he asked me to fill in one day for one of his register girls and the rest is history!”

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